Introduction: Why Use Night Vision

During the low ambient light of the night the visual cues used for sight are compromised. Unaided, it is difficult or impossible for individuals to identify obstacles and accurately determine depth perception during unaided night operations.

Most organizations operating at night invest in night vision (NVIS) programs (equipment, training and procedures) to equip them with the tools and training required to do so.  Investments typically include:

  • Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) (typically mounted on helmets)
  • (in aircraft) modified cockpits to adjust lighting/dials for use with NVGs
  • Extensive training on how to use and manage the equipment
  • Maintenance training and programs to ensure proper use/maintenance

The Challenge – Conducting Safe, Effective Night Operations
Many organizations face a variety of challenges in training and maintaining competence in night vision operations that greatly reduce the viability of traditional training methods.

  • Demanding operational tempos
  • Fiscal restraints
  • Reduced access to equipment, training and operational support
  • Experience limited to operational need
  • Training personnel new to NVG operations in real assets costly and risky

The Outcome
Inadequate training and improper handling of NVIS equipment, such as Night Vision Goggles (NVGs), can jeopardize lives, operational readiness and mission goals.

  • NVGs easily damaged due to improper handling
  • Improper NVG use results in user stress and injury
  • Damaged NVGs result in unscheduled downtime
  • Operator and task performance degraded by improper NVG use

The Need:
To achieve all the benefits of a fully optimized NVIS program requires an advanced understanding of night vision equipment, maintenance processes and operator handling procedures to enhance safety and operational capabilities of an organization. The NVIO NVG CBT helps address this need.


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Why use night vision?

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